10-12 November 2023
Klein Cederberg Private Nature Reserve

Simple Nature & Self Immersion.

Happiness is simple.

Breathe out. Just Be. Step out of the grind. Meet this moment fully.
Nature time. Movement. Contemplation. Reconnection. Journaling. Silence. Sound Journey.
Renature Yourself. Rewild Yourself. Remember. Come Home.

Powerfully held space,
where you are safe to arrive in yourself.

Please motivate your participation as spaces are limited, and we use a selection process.

11 + 15 =

To disconnect from nature is to disconnect from the truth of our own nature
– bliss, passion, joy, love, intuition, true freedom, wildness, and creative expression.


Our passion is to create transformative spaces and experiences for you to remember that we are nature, hence cannot ever be separate from it. The magical environment of the Cederberg Mountains – where we host our retreats – beautifully supports our mission to rekindle people’s connection to nature and to their hearts voices.

We are excited to invite you to join us on this journey!


We all know  …
that we live very full and fast lives, packed with work, appointments, commitments, meetings, events, parenting, etc.

We all know …
that average city-work-life and screen-time are stressful and that ongoing stress always brings imbalance and dis-ease in the long run.

City-living, ‘modern’ lifestyle, man-made infrastructures, internet, technology and electronic devices bring their benefits, but they also disconnect us from that which we ultimately are: body, earth, nature; life itself.

We create spaces and experiences that facilitate reconnection to ourselves, our bodies, earth and nature.

When we commune with nature, naturally, something inside us resonates, because our being knows that it is a part of this: It recognizes natural environment as being who we are and where we come from. It’s like coming home. It’s a remembering; a quiet coming home.

The Creators

It is our mission to help you remember more of your true nature as you come home to your body, your true being and your heart. It is our wish for you to hear your quiet inner voice deep inside that knows what is needed so that your next steps are aligned with your overall well-being, passion and purpose.



In love with the earth and the outdoors, Hanna has facilitated yoga, movement and healing for groups and individuals for over 10 years. She is a nature-lover, writer, musician, dancer, yoga teacher and journaling facilitator and weaves all this into powerful offerings for people, igniting deep presence, inner peace and lasting transformation.


A passionate outdoor adventurer and mountain lover, Irmina has been guiding people on unforgettable nature journeys and unique travel destinations for over 12 years. She has a talent for creating experiences that money can’t buy: these wordless moments of awe, connection and heartfelt bliss. Irmina encourages people to go beyond their perceived limits while her joyful and genuinely loving presence makes clients feel safe and inspired alike.

The Location

Klein Cederberg Nature Reserve is a magical off-the-grid art-filled hideaway set within the majestic Cederberg Mountains and Cape Floral Kingdom, a mere 2.5 hour drive from Cape Town.

Our nine rustic stone cottages are set amidst 16,000 privately owned hectares of untouched wilderness which falls within the 200,000 hectare Swartruggens Conservancy, offering big skies, wide open spaces, and unobstructed views of the Tafelberg, Sneeukop, Katbakkies, and Koue Bokkeveld mountains.

Do it for yourself.

Grant yourself the pause you deserve. Join one of our deep soul journeys hosted in the Klein Cederberg Nature Reserve.


Klein Cederberg Nature Reserve
Off R303, Breede River DC
Cederberg, South Africa 6836